Everything you Need to Know about Spybubble

spybubbleHave you heard of the Spybubble? If you happen to be a techy person who is fond of cell phone gadgets, most probably, you are familiar of the Spybubble. Spybubble is the world’s most advanced cell phone monitoring and tracking system. Indeed, this software is truly incredible and useful because you get to track someone you know, wherever he/she may be.

Spybubble is a software system that allows users to log on from any computer and monitor any smart phone on real time. The software is installed on any mobile phone that is to be used by a family member, friend or employee of yours so that you can track and monitor that person via from your computer. You will just need a username and password and you can start supervise mobile phone without being detected.

How does the Spybubble work? This software is very easy to use. After installing the software on the mobile phone, you just need to access a computer and log on to your Spybubble account. You can then start tracking and monitor the activities of the mobile phone user using your account. If you want to spy on someone close to you, the Spybubble software is definitely the excellent software that you can depend on.

There are amazing features Spybubble has to offer users, and these features are also the reason why this software is truly popular and in demand today. Check out the following exciting features of Spybubble software:

Call Tracking Feature

This feature would allow you to see the numbers of people your loved ones or employees have called using their mobile phones. Even the numbers that called them can also be tracked using this call tracking feature. The number of calls placed per day can also be monitored, what time they made the call and how long the call lasted. If in case the number is registered to a name in the memory of the phone, you can also see it.

SMS Tracking Feature

SMS tracking will allow you to access and read the text messages being received or sent by the person using the mobile phone with Spybubble software. The messages are logged on to your Spybubble account as they are generated. You can still read the messages even the user would delete them.

GPS Location Tracking Feature

This feature is one of the most favorites of users because they can easily track the exact location and position of the mobile phone using Google maps. This feature would allow you to know if your loved one or employee is really telling the truth of his/her actual location.

Email Tracking Feature

This feature would let you read the email address of the mobile phone user. As soon as you log on to Spybubble, you will see and read the incoming and outgoing email messages.

This feature would permit you to see every phone or mobile number registered on the memory of the smart phone.

Photo Tracking

All photos and images sent received on the smart phone can also be accessed using the photo tracking feature.

URL Tracking Feature

Spybubble logs all URLs the mobile phone user has visited and browsed. This will let you be aware of the sites if your loved one is viewing a site that he/she should not be viewing.

There are various benefits associated with the Spybubble software, making this software in demand most especially to women who want to find out if their boyfriends or husbands are genuinely loyal to them. This software could certainly help them with their goals, but they also need to expect the worst after discovering negative things.

Advantages of the Spybubble software:

• The software can be conveniently used from any parts of the world, as long as the user has a computer that is connected to the Internet.

• The person being tracked and monitored will not know that they are being tracked using the software, unless of course if you inform them that you are trying to monitor using Spybubble.

• Users of this software will have peace of mind knowing if their loved one is loyal to the, or they would know if their kids are safe along with their good and trusted friends. Company owners would also feel at ease knowing that their employees are loyal to them.

• There is no need to spend money on an investigator or spy. With the help of Spybubble, you can easily track and monitor your partner without hiring someone. You can even acquire the evidence you need to prove to your partner if he/she is really cheating on you.

• Spybubble is very affordable and can be purchased over the Internet. With $50, you can start spying on someone without getting caught. This cost is way cheaper than hiring an investigator or spy. Indeed, this method is truly practical.

Aside from the pros of the software, there are also some disadvantages of Spybubble. It is necessary to be aware of these cons so that you would know what to expect after installing the software on the mobile phone of the person you want to spy on. However, the disadvantages are not a very big deal because they are only minor.

Cons of Spybubble software:

• Spybubble could work for major types of cell phones, but it does not work with all types of mobile phones. If you really want to install this to software, you will need to buy a compatible smart phone.

• It would allow some users to spend money in purchasing a new and major type of mobile phone just to install the software. This is impractical, since major cell phones could really cost a lot.

Spybubble offer various benefits, but this software is also associated with few disadvantages. Regardless of the cons of the software, still more and more people are resorting to this software today because this is truly useful for them. Instead of hiring someone to spy on their loved ones, friends or employees, the Spybubble can do the entire trick and deliver all the needed information via the Internet.

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